The Duke Pecan easy pecan nut cracker has been the best selling pecan and nutcracker for years.

Pecan Nutcracker Features: 


  • Precision-machined, nickel plated all steel construction
  • Mounted on a hardwood base
  • Adjustable lever design – Cracks every size pecan perfectly each time
  • Keeps nut meat intact, thus eliminating use of a pecan nut pick
  • Works on medium and soft shell nuts

Duke Pecan Hand Held Nut Sheller:

DukePecanNutcrackerThe Duke Pecan Nut Sheller cracks the shell from the sides of the nut, releasing it in perfect halves.

  • Handles are made of the finest cast aluminum.
  • Shell deflector shield allows indoor nut shelling without making a mess.
  • Also works great for cracking lobster or crab legs.
  • This Nut Sheller is so easy to use. Just clip the ends and sides of the nut and perfect halves are produced.

Works great for Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts.